Saturday, 21 April 2012

Sea Odyssey - Liverpool - 20/21 April 2012

The Little Girl Giant is on a quest to receive news about her father, a stowaway who died on the ill-fated Titanic.  The next stop in her search is Liverpool, a city which she sees as a hub of creativity, with passionate friendly people and rich in maritime heritage and beautiful architecture.

Unbeknown to the Little Girl Giant, her Uncle made a promise to scour the ocean floor for the shipwreck and put his brother to rest, and in doing so discovered a letter written by him to his beloved daughter.  For the past 100 years he has walked across the ocean floor with the sole purpose of delivering the letter to its young owner and now he is set to emerge from the depths of the Mersey...

But as they cover 23 miles, roaming the city in search of a family connection, will they find each other?

Liverpool and the world-famous French marionette experts Royal de Luxe are inviting everyone to be part of the special Sea Odyssey journey.
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Uncle at the Albert Dock
Uncle walking down Castle Street

Xolo walking down Castle Street
The Little Girl Giant walking down Castle Street
together with the Lilliputians who make everything work
Little Girl Giant resting at the Pier Head
Xolo resting at the Pier Head
Uncle walking down London Road
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Monday, 9 April 2012

Garden odds and ends

Testing our new Wildlife Watching Supplies throw-over hide in the back garden. After a bit of thrashing around inside to find the holes it did a nice job. Unfortunately it can't muffle the sound of a shutter. Using the not-quite-Silent Shot mode on the 1D4 helped but birds aren't stupid. They were reasonably happy to come close but quickly flew off once the shutter started going.

Collared Dove


Male Blackbird

Male Blackbird

Wood Mouse

Wood Mouse
An otherwise rainy day did offer up a sopping wet Collared Dove on the top of a tree.

Miserable Collared Dove