Saturday, 28 September 2013

The Cloud

The Cloud in cheshire. Mile after mile of flat canal paths, with a steep up and down at the end. Verey hazy day so not much to see from the top. Lots of mushrooms coming up in the forests (must remember our brush for next time).

The Cloud elevation

The Cloud route

View from The Cloud
 Near the beginning every tree trunk had a swarm of flies warming up in the early morning sun, sheltering from the brisk breeze in the bark and crevices.
Fly on bark

Noon-fly on bark

Speckled Wood on fern

Birch Polypore

Birch Polypore


Birch Polypore

Woodland track near Timbersbrook

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Harrock Hill

A walk around Harrock (and Parbold) Hill.

Harrock Hill route

Harrock Hill elevation

The fields had recently been harvested, with towers of straw bales.

Giant Haystacks (and little daddy)

Another pleasant weekend spent rolling around in a field

Spotlit trees by the canal

The Fairy Glen

Dripping wet vegetation

Male spider pushing his luck

Yellow Dung Fly

Yellow Dung Fly

Cranefly (maybe Ptychoptera contaminata) on Stinging Nettle
 Large growths of Himalayan Balsam by the canal, busy with bees and flies.

Bee in Himalayan Balsam

Bee in Himalayan Balsam

Hoverfly on Himalayan Balsam

Honey Bee trapped in spider web

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Bulkeley Hill

A walk around Bulkeley Hill. A variation of an older walk (the blue route on the map), with an optional extra bit around Beeston.
First of all getting stuck trying to get to Coppermine Lane (don't trust Sat Navs!!)

Bulkeley Hill elevation

Bulkeley Hill route

Lots of fungi around after some wet weather, including a magnificent Chicken of the Woods (Laetiporus sulphureus). Cool in the shade of the trees but boiling hot in the sun.

Fly on fern



Speckled (ragged) Wood

Chicken of the Woods (closeup)

Chicken of the Woods (closeup)

Chicken of the Woods (closeup)





Common Earthball

Yellow Stagshorn Fungus

Yellow Stagshorn Fungus

Tawny Grisette

Tawny Grisette

(Possibly Birch) Sawfly Larva

Raw Head

Chicken of the Woods

Also, hundreds of young pheasant around the Peckforton estate (presumably for shooting). Groups of pheasant would keep bursting out of the undergrowth and scaring us half to death. Here we saw dozens pecking away at what must have been feed put down on an enclosed track.