Sunday, 31 May 2015

St Davids

On holiday in Pembrokeshire. As usual we forget something (coffee, this time) so a quick trip to Haverfordwest via Broad Haven for some supplies and lunch.

Beach at Broad Haven

One of many cheeky Jackdaws at Broad Haven
Then back up to St Davids for a look around the city (city?! More like village) and cathedral.

St David's Cathedral

St David's Cathedral

Well, we are on holiday so ice creams all round!
Back at the cottage we had a wander round the local roads to see what we could see. Not much as it turns out, mostly because the local farmers appear to have taken it upon themselves to remove all the footpaths (including removing the signs). This leaves only winding narrow lanes which aren't too safe to stand around on.

Linnet on the line

Sun setting over Newgale

Sun setting over Newgale

Archway of trees near the farm

Monday, 25 May 2015

Three Queens Visit to Liverpool

A trip into Liverpool to view the Three Queens who had been staying to celebrate Cunard's 175th anniversary.  Estimated crowds for the weekend were 1.3 million, it certainly felt that busy on Monday alone! 

Cunard 'staff'

Stern of the Queen Mary 2

A Liver Bird

Fire and Rescue Service

Tug boat 'saluting' the Queen Mary 2 leaving

Crowds making their way down to view the Three Queens

A case of stick the camera as far into the air as you can reach over your head and hope for the best!!

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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Abbey Village

A walk from Abbey Village and Darwen Hill.

Abbey Village elevation

Abbey Village route

Water down the reservoir overspill

Looming clouds over the moors

Darwen Tower


Fence at the pub that's had one too many

Monday, 4 May 2015

Mow Cop

A new walk, starting at the Mow Cop Castle (just a folly, not a real castle). At least, that was the plan. After finally finding it (it's not very well signposted, and the car park is the other side of the Castle Road) it turned out that the parking was only for 2 hours, and our walk was at least 4 hours. So we had a quick look, then relocated to Little Moreton Hall, which was a diversion on the route, but now became the start before heading off to the Cheshire hills.

Luckily this also meant we got to take a few shots of Little Moreton Hall itself, before it was overrun with tourists. The lawn where we took the photos had become an impromptu car park by the time we got back from the walk.

The walk itself isn't spectacular, but is a pleasant mix of grassy fields, canal side paths and hill climbing, without being too exhausting. The only downside is the half-way pub only served Tetley or Heineken. Where's my real ale?!

Mow Cop Elevation

Mow Cop route

Mow Cop Castle

Mow Cop Castle

Little Moreton Hall

Little Moreton Hall