Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter greetings from the nestbox

Saw George this morning with a beak full of fluff.  He sat in the tree for quite a while before going in.  It must be lovely and cosy in there now - about time we had some eggs.  Real ones of course, none of this chocolate rubbish:-)

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Nestbox now occupied!

We erected a nestbox at the beginning of the year with a slim hope that something might show an interest in it.  Today I came down to make my breakfast and saw a Great Tit collecting moss (of which there is no shortage) from our lawn.  I thought to myself 'I'll watch it to see which direction it flies off in' and surprise, surprise it flew straight into our box!!  I was over the moon.  I'd only seen one land on it, have a quick peep in and then fly off before now so I was completely chuffed to stand there and watch it for the next 10 minutes whilst it repeatedly cleared our lawn of moss and transferred it to the box.  I dashed upstairs to get the camera to get photographic evidence and here are a couple of initial shots.  Hopefully we'll be hearing the patter of very tiny feet soon!

One of our new residents: George the Great Tit
George leaving the box