Saturday, 23 August 2014

Liverpool City Centre

A trip into Liverpool to do some overtime on a Saturday morning yielded some nice photos of a double rainbow against heavy grey clouds.

The top of Church Street with the tower of the Zip Wire in the foreground.
The contrasting colours of the coffee shop on the left mirroring the rainbow.
The Queen Victoria Monument.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Ambleside (GridPP33)

GridPP33 was hosted at the University of Cumbria campus in Ambleside. The weather was glorious up to the Wednesday, and then again on the Friday. We had an afternoon to explore on the Thursday, where it chucked it down all day (until about 7pm ready for the conference dinner).

Good job I postponed tea and went for a quick wander on Wednesday evening, as the sun was going down.

Loughrigg Fell

Looking between Loughrigg and Fairfield Horseshoe at the Pikes
Closeup of the Pikes
Loughrigg, Pikes and Fairfield Horseshoe as the sun sets lower

Streaks of cloud over Fairfield Horseshoe as the sun sets

I stupidly risked going out on the Thursday afternoon, as it appeared to have cleared up a bit. This lasted until I got up in to the hills, when it started up again with a complete washout (rivers of muddy water running down the hills).

Fairfield Horseshoe almost invisible below the constant clouds

A quick snapshot looking over Windermere from near Todd Crag before the rain started lashing down again.

Windermere disappearing behind the clouds and rain

And I'd managed to stay nearly dry until this point!

I had to sit in my room with my laptop on my legs to try and dry my poor trousers before the dinner!

Late evening by Waterhead

Monday, 4 August 2014


A selection of garden shots, mostly of the juvenile Blackbirds (Squeakies).

Migrant Hawker

Bathing Blackbird

Great Tit

Female Blackbird with rind from lovely Lincolnshire Ham



Fledgling Blackbird

Female Blackbird

Female Blackbird gathering food

Female Blackbird with food

Female Blackbird gathering food

Fledgling Blackbird hiding the in the bushes


Fledgling Blackbird

Balanced Blackbird

Fledgling Blackbird in the bushes

Fledgling Blackbird

Fledgling Blackbird
Spotted some movement behind the bird bath and a Common Frog hopped along the path and just fell over the edge of the step into some leaves. It happily lay there for ages while I wrestled a camera around the water butt. It then strolled off around the shed, hunting for a nice crevice to squeeze in to.

Common Frog

Common Frog

Common Frog

Common Frog