Monday, 25 June 2018

Lyme Park

A look around the inside of Lyme Park (where it was cool) and a brief wander around the gardens (which were boiling hot).

Lyme Park (as featured on Red Dwarf, and some period costume thing...)

Piano in the entrance hall

Religious reading in the Library

The Lyme Missal (1487)

Dining Room

Elizabeth I's coat of arms (note the red dragon instead of a unicorn)

Bay Window

 Someone just had to play dress up!
Another dress

Lyme Hall

Lyme Hall

Fountain in the Orangery

Sumptuous seating

Sumptuous sleeping


Thursday, 21 June 2018

Abbey Village

Braving the intense sun (and wind) around Abbey Village. Quite warm in the sun but chilly in the shade. Reservoirs looking quite low.

Abbey Village elevation

Abbey Village route

Jubilee Tower under a big sky

Jubilee Tower

View of Darwen from Darwen Hill

Roadside Rabbit

Speckled Wood Butterfly

Monday, 18 June 2018

Moel Gyw & Moel Y Plas

Back to Moel Gyw, but with a twist. Adding on part of a walk to Moel y Plas to make one big walk taking in more Moels than you can shake a hiking pole at.

Moel Gyw elevation

Moel Gyw route
Still very hot, sunny and dry, but with a sudden howl of wind near Moel Gyw so we avoided that particular bit. Lots of birds around, including a lucky spot of a Redstart.

House nestled in the countryside

View down to Llyn Gweryd

Valley near Moel y Plas

Valley near Moel y Plas

Moel Gyw (Moel Famau in the background)

Coed Plas-y-nant

Looking west towards Ruthin




Panorama from Bryn Alyn

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Helsby Hill

It threatened blazing sun so we sheltered in the woods and forests around Helsby.

Helsby Hill elevation

Helsby Hill route
Too busy avoiding nettles to get many pictures. Lots of Foxgloves around and busy adult birds, but not any fledglings yet.

Our regular update on the lone tree

Bee's nest (empty)


Song Thrush


Sunday, 3 June 2018

Moel Gyw

A hard slog to Moel Gyw (apparently).

Moel Gyw elevation

Moel Gyw route

The weather has been much better than the last time we went so things weren't as muddy. Some overnight rain had left things very damp and kept the humidity sky high all day.

Wind swept tree on the side of Bryn Alyn

View of Clwydian hills from Bryn Alyn


Dark Chocolate Lambs (before they turn into Milk Chocolate)

Acres of Bilberries on Moel Gyw

Lush meadows by Foel Fenlli

Panorama from Bryn Alyn

Panorama from Moel Gyw

Toasting calves in the blazing sun

Unidentified Egg found on path


Wales' most Evil Sheep