Sunday, 26 April 2015

Harrock Hill

A return to a walk around Harrock Hill. Very bright, sunny day, so not very good for photos, but at least it's not raining! Saw Buzzards, Mistle Thrushes and Red Legged Partridge in the fields near the start.

Harrock Hill elevation

Harrock Hill route

Fresh Lambs



Flowers (Marsh Marigold?)

Bright sun over Lancashire fields

'Heisenberg' and 'Popeye Doyle'

Many trees still bare

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Pennington Flash

A trip to Pennington Flash to see what birds are about.
Very overcast (as it usually is when we come here). A Snipe was lurking in the woods. Blackcaps were in the trees by the first hide.

Great Crested Grebe
 Stopping for lunch at the central hide we saw a Cormorant on a little island. Apparently it had been there for weeks, some of the local birders thought it was dead. We had seen it moving, dragging itself around, and a close-up shows a damaged beak. But, later, it hauled itself into the water and swam off, presumably this is how it's managed to survive so long.

Injured Cormorant
At the final hide we had the usual flocks of Bullfinches and other small birds. Joined this time by some Stock Doves and Jays. We made the most of the close birds, although the almost complete lack of light didn't help.


Male Bullfinch

Stock Dove


Stock Dove

Male Chaffinch

Female Bullfinch

Female Bullfinch

Male Reed Bunting

Female Mallard

The squirrels were scoffing up bird seed as well.

Fat Grey Squirrel

Male Bullfinch

Male Bullfinch

Female Bullfinch
A female Mallard popped in with a clutch of ducklings, making the most of the dropped seed.

Mallard Duckling