Monday, 26 December 2016

Gibraltar Point

A day out at Gibraltar Point, the only acceptable way of spending time in Skegness!

Gibraltar Point route
Very bright, very windy.

Little Egret

Gill in the sun

Wind Turbines in the Wash

Reeds by the meres

Mute Swan taking off

Reeds by the meres


Sun setting behind the new visitor centre

Plane in the sunset

Brent Geese

Some sort of crustacean we can't identify

Sunday, 25 December 2016

Freiston Shore

Some fresh air and exercise before turkey-time. No shortage of fresh air, blowing a gale up on the sea walls.

Black-tailed Godwit

Black-tailed Godwit

Black-tailed Godwits getting excitable around a Black-headed Gull

Little Grebe

Flock of Curlew

Big flock of ducks

Little Egret

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Moel Famau

Another walk around Moel Famau. Very overcast and dull.

Moel Famau elevation

Moel Famau route
Some photos, the odd break in the cloud helped, otherwise it would have been very boring.

View from Moel Famau summit

Moel Famau from Foel Fenli

Rays of light over the welsh hills

Clouds over the hills

What wasn't boring was being chased through a field by a bunch of rowdy teenage cows. They just wouldn't leave us alone and crowded round the gate at the end in eerie silence.

Cows staring at my feet

Crazed bovine

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Silver How

I'm calling it Silver How, but we don't really know what this fell, or hill, or whatever it is is called. It's the big lump behind Thrang Brow that extends from just opposite Loughrigg Fell, past Chapel Stile to Blea Rigg and the Pikes. It contains Silver How so we'll call it that for now.

Despite it being just behind Thrang Brow I've never been up there, only nipping over the end to get to  Grasmere.

Setting off before the sun rose the morning started dull and grey but eventually the sun popped up from behind Loughrigg and bathed everything in lovely, golden light for a while.

Silver How elevation

Silver How route

We headed up the ridge, finishing somewhere around Great How before heading back the way we came. Lots of interesting new views of Great Langdale and Grasmere, and the ridge itself has some interesting scenery and picturesque tarns.

Grasmere before the sun rose

"Orange blob" clouds over the Langdale Pikes and Bowfell

The sun rises over Loughrigg and Grasmere

The sun rising over Loughrigg and Rydal

Golden sun over Elterwater common

Skies clearing over Elterwater common

View from Silver How to Grasmere, Helm Crag (Fairfield in the distance)

Tarn looking towards Brigstone Moss

Grassy tarn near Lang How

Northern end of Great Langdale valley, Lingmoor, Pike of Blisco and Langdale Pikes

Elterwater common in the afternoon

Gill somewhere near Swinescar Pike

Some fella with Grasmere and Rydal Water in background

Him again near Swinescar Pike

You're always being watched

Panorama from Silver How

Tuesday, 25 October 2016


Not the Fairfield Horseshoe, but doing half the peaks starting at Rydal, more a Fairfield Boot. Very clear skies, and a bit of frost to begin with.

Fairfield elevation

Fairfield route

Nice light from the sunrise but couldn't make much use of it. We must go Alcock Tarn next time, the view looks good from there.

Sunlight grazing the top of Helm Crag

Mists over Grasmere

Mists over Grasmere

Grasmere village and lake from Stone Arthur

Valley behind Grasmere, Langdale Pikes in the distance

Windy view from Great Rigg down Rydal Fell

Cofa Pike (in foreground) and St Sunday Crag, from Fairfield

Rydal Fell in even mistier light

Looking back to Great Rigg, rest of horseshoe lost in cloud

View from Lord Crag, Windermere in distance

Mouldering embers of day in the cleft of the sky

Rydal Water under heavy clouds

Insignificant man

Not a charred log, smoked spare ribs, very tasty