Tuesday, 25 October 2016


Not the Fairfield Horseshoe, but doing half the peaks starting at Rydal, more a Fairfield Boot. Very clear skies, and a bit of frost to begin with.

Fairfield elevation

Fairfield route

Nice light from the sunrise but couldn't make much use of it. We must go Alcock Tarn next time, the view looks good from there.

Sunlight grazing the top of Helm Crag

Mists over Grasmere

Mists over Grasmere

Grasmere village and lake from Stone Arthur

Valley behind Grasmere, Langdale Pikes in the distance

Windy view from Great Rigg down Rydal Fell

Cofa Pike (in foreground) and St Sunday Crag, from Fairfield

Rydal Fell in even mistier light

Looking back to Great Rigg, rest of horseshoe lost in cloud

View from Lord Crag, Windermere in distance

Mouldering embers of day in the cleft of the sky

Rydal Water under heavy clouds

Insignificant man

Not a charred log, smoked spare ribs, very tasty

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