Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Black Crag

Back to a regular, heading south to Black Crag (well, what some people call Black Crag, it's definitely on Black Fell). Another warm, very sunny day. Wind coming in from the south east, giving some very peculiar clouds over the hills. They could be seen being created at one edge, and disappearing at another, so despite all the wind the clouds themselves didn't actually move.

The landscape was covered in bright and dark spots that hardly moved, very frustrating if you're waiting for the sun to come out (or go behind a cloud).

Black Crag elevation

Black Crag route

There was a stiff breeze out in the open, but quite warm in the shelter. We saw practically nobody all morning until we finally got to Black Crag, then everyone appeared while we were trying to get our shots. Typical.

Sheep lazing on the grass

Path up to Black Crag

More lazy sheep on Black Fell

View from Black Crag towards Windermere

View from Black Crag towards Lingmoor

Must have been the sheep's day off

Big (immobile) clouds over Lingmoor Fell

At least the pub isn't having a day off

Panorama from Black Crag (Holme Fell, Lingmoor, Wetherlam Horseshoe and Langdale Pikes)

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