Monday, 29 August 2016


Llangollen (and Velvet Hill) on a Bank Holiday Monday. Yes, the camp sites were jam packed.

Llangollen elevation

Llangollen route

Very bright sun and quite hot all day. Luckily there were some puffy, white clouds to make the skies more interesting.

Sheep grazing in the sunshine

Perfect blue skies over the bracken on Velvet Hill

Castell Dinas Bran in the distance

Panorama from Velvet Hill

Big skies over the valleys and Llantysillio mountains

Panorama of the valleys and Llantysillio mountains

Hot, tired feet

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Moel Arthur

Moel Arthur to Pennycloddiau and back. This time in the dry so the return track was passable and not a quagmire like last time. Very cloudy to begin with but brightened up a lot on the way back.

The slope on the other side of Moel Arthur is still as steep as ever!

Moel Arthur elevation

Moel Arthur route
The hills were covered in heather and gorse.

Heather and gorse up the slope of Moel Arthur

Heather on the way to the summit, distant grassy hill in the background
The view from the summit was a lot clearer than usual, even with all the cloud.

View from Moel Arthur summit

View from Moel Arthur towards Penycloddiau

360degree panorama from the summit

Various heathers

Heather and Gorse

View from Coed Llangwyfan just before...

Helicopter that buzzed us from over the hill

A helicopter was spraying bracken, flying back and forth across the valley, sometimes flying right overhead.

Heather on Penycloddiau

Heather on Penycloddiau

Heather as far as the eye can see

Even more Heather

Panorama from lunch spot on the side of track back

Heather and Gorse

Heather and Gorse

Wind farm in the distance

Up to my knees in it

Not up to my knees in it (mud that is, see the entry in March)

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Helsby Hill

Another walk around Helsby Hill. It's quick to get to and it's nicely shaded from the sun, so we'll probably be coming here quite often in the summer.

Helsby Hill elevation

Helsby Hill route
Not much around this time, but it's interesting to compare the lone tree in a field taken from the same spot as on the 30th May.

Lone tree in field

Big sky over Merseyside

Helsby Hill at lunchtime

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Shed and Fence

After innumerable storms our fence was in a very sorry state and was becoming a disgrace. So we got the whole lot replaced, and the shed as well while we were at it.

All neat and tidy (it won't last)

Shed and fence blending beautifully

Fence Panorama