Saturday, 21 September 2013

Harrock Hill

A walk around Harrock (and Parbold) Hill.

Harrock Hill route

Harrock Hill elevation

The fields had recently been harvested, with towers of straw bales.

Giant Haystacks (and little daddy)

Another pleasant weekend spent rolling around in a field

Spotlit trees by the canal

The Fairy Glen

Dripping wet vegetation

Male spider pushing his luck

Yellow Dung Fly

Yellow Dung Fly

Cranefly (maybe Ptychoptera contaminata) on Stinging Nettle
 Large growths of Himalayan Balsam by the canal, busy with bees and flies.

Bee in Himalayan Balsam

Bee in Himalayan Balsam

Hoverfly on Himalayan Balsam

Honey Bee trapped in spider web

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