Sunday, 19 September 2010

Around Dumfries & Galloway 19.9.10

Today we took the opportunity to buy some bits which we had forgotten to take with us, like my walking socks!!  We drove into Kirkcudbright – a pleasant little town.  We knew we were back in the countryside when the only shops open on a Sunday are the newsagents and Tesco!!  As no socks could be found we drove to Newton Stewart – this looked considerably larger and thought we stood a chance of finding some socks. 

After a pleasant drive along the A75 we arrived in the town.  After parking up and find some socks we went for a walk along the main street towards the bridge.  We took the opportunity to photograph the river.

River Cree by Newton Stewart

After a spot of lunch (fish n’ chips of course!) we drove to Galloway Forest Park for a walk on one of the forest trails.  We chose the middle length walk.  Shortly after setting off we found this little fella:

Juvenile Common Toad

Upon some research later we discovered he is a juvenile Common Toad as they are brick coloured.

We continued on the walk which took a couple of hours.  We only passed two dog walkers – such a big expanse of area and so few people, it’s quite different to the Lake District.  We sat down by a peaceful loch and reveled in the silence - nice reflections too!

Galloway Forest Park

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