Thursday, 24 March 2011

Wirral, Wigg Island and Spike Island - 24.3.11

Started off the day on the east coast of the Wirral.  However, it was very hazy and warm and most of the birds had taken to the shade.  We did see this chap perched nicely for us though.
We then headed to the Wigg Island as we'd never been there before.   Here are a few sightings:
Long-tailed Tit


Male Mallard
This one managed to sing with a beak full of moss!  I felt like saying 'Don't walk with your mouth full dear!'
Nice close up of a Mistle Thrush from the safety of the car leaving Wigg Island (definitely worth subsequent visits).
Mistle Thrush

Male Mute Swan

Male Mute Swan

Female Mallard
To all those arachnaphobes out there (me included): how can one say this little face is not cute!!!

Jumping spider (maybe Zebra)
Quick trip to Spike Island as we didn't know where it was.  Quick look round but was rather packed out with people (even on a weekday).  Seems a rather widespread area and definitely worth a visit again.  Possibly some nice reflections to be got.

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