Friday, 29 March 2013

Burton Marsh

A longer day than expected at Burton Marsh, as we were expecting it to be Burton Wood. A quick recon trip ended up taking all day as we waited around for Siskins (plenty) and Redpolls (never showed). The feeders are patrolled by boisterous families of Brown Rats which have become quite tolerant of the visitors.

Water Rail and Snipe were visible by the visitor centre but the awful plank hide/fencing around it make it almost impossible to a) get down to anywhere near ground level or b) even get the barrel of a large lens through the gaps. This is extremely frustrating, even for using binoculars if the birds are at an awkward angle (and when aren't they?!)

Jackdaws are nesting in the trees, although they need to either learn to pick smaller twigs or pick a larger hole to nest in.

Water Rail on the run

Brown Rat


Jackdaw with nesting material


Brown Rat nibbling



Female Chaffinch

Male Chaffinch

Male Siskin

Female Siskin

Male Siskin


Snipe and the early worm

Jackdaw pair nesting

Mallard interrupted

Greylag/Canada cross

Brown Rat

Male Siskin by catkins


Grey Squirrel raiding the squirrel-proof feeders

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