Saturday, 31 August 2013

Lyme Park

Another revisit of somewhere we haven't been for a few years. This time around Lyme Park and the surrounding countryside.

Lyme Park Elevation

Lyme Park route
 Nothing much of interest along the early part of the walk (once we'd found it), then we happened across a small collection of caterpillars near Higher Poynton.

Large White Caterpillar

Small White Caterpillar

Large White Caterpillars surrounding a Small White

Closely followed by some cold, slimy carryings-on in the undergrowth...

Mating Large Red Slugs



Lunch on a grassy knoll by a small stream in Lyme Park, surrounded by grasshoppers and "leggy things". This is the only hopper that came close, even then it backed almost completely into the grass. If it didn't move it would be almost impossible to see.

Common Field Grasshopper

Unexpected chicken

The Cage and Red Deer

Red Deer

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