Saturday, 29 March 2014

Dunham Massey

A stroll around the grounds of Dunham Massey.

Dunham Massey route
Lots of rabbits near the visitor centre.

Rabbit near the fountain
In an open patch of grass a Fallow Deer was resting but being plagued by the flies.

Fallow Deer
Jackdaws to the rescue! They were running up and down the deer, snatching flies out the air and pecking things out of their fur. A complete top to toe inspection, with barely a flicker of an eyelid from the deer.

Jackdaw using Fallow Deer as insect bait

The Jackdaw Twins up to no good

A convenient support for...

...launching against flies

Deer doesn't care

A mobile perch

Grey Heron gathering twigs

Wet log with moss and lichens

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