Sunday, 12 October 2014


The big one of the week. Up The Band to Bowfell. Things weren't looking too good to begin with, in fact they were hardly looking like anything as the fog was so thick. A dull day beckoned, but we were so wrong...

Bowfell elevation

Bowfell route

Is it even worth taking a camera up in all this lot?!
A few hundred feet up, at the first bit of level ground, we popped up out of the fog to be greeted by a gently rolling plain of white cloud, flowing up the valley like a milky river.

Looking down Langdale Valley

Langdale Pikes

Sun rising over Pike O'Blisco

The sun eventually rose, and was blindingly bright.

Langdale Pikes

Langdale Pikes


One of the Three Tarns, next to the Steep Bit

Nearing the summit (after the steep bit!) the low clouds could be seen washing over the whole of the Langdale valleys, coming to an eerily abrupt halt. The peaks of Pike O'Blisco and the Langdale Pikes were bobbing up and down through the clouds like black icebergs.

Langdale Pikes cresting the waves of clouds

The inverted cloud just ending past Bowfell

Guess Who, trying to photograph Pike O'Blisco before it disappears again

Murder on the knees, heavenly on the eyes

View from the summit of Bowfell

Refuelling on Date Crunch
In the afternoon, on the way down, the low cloud dissipated and some more normal, puffy white clouds came over.

Looking down Langdale Valley

Looking down Langdale Valley

Looking down Langdale Valley
Then back, a quick scrub-up and a stumble down to Wainwrights for our tea.

The Reward

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