Sunday, 1 November 2015


Another new walk, but starting from an old walk, heading round to Shutlingsloe but starting at Tegg's Nose again to add on some extra climbing to make a full day of it. Shutlingsloe can easily be seen from Tegg's Nose, a sharp bump in the otherwise rolling countryside, called the Cheshire Matterhorn due to its shape.

Very foggy on the way there, seeing lots of early sun beaming through misty forests, until we gained altitude near Macclesfield. This revealed a completely empty sky, far too bright, and very warm both from the mild air and the relentless sun. It's November, how can it be this warm? The fog in the distance just turned the horizon into a dirty, murky smudge.

Yet another day of meeting people who think it's "glorious" while we're spending most of the day blinded, sweating and with awful light for photography with boring, featureless skies all day long. Glorious if you're sat in your back garden sipping a Pimms, not glorious when overheating up the side of a hill.

Whinging over, on with the show.

Shutlingsloe elevation

Shutlingsloe route

Hazy sun over a reservoir

Blazing sun through the trees in Macclesfield Forest

Finally some trees with autumn colours

Featureless, alien planetscape from Shutlingsloe

Path to Shutlingsloe cutting across the moors

Stream in Wildboarclough

Trees on the hills above Wildboarclough

Trees in afternoon light

Setting sun over the reservoir

Setting sun over the reservoir

The fog we'd left behind in the morning came back on the way home, very thick and making driving quite difficult, not helped by idiots who think fog lights and full beams are compulsory.

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