Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Ballygrant and Bunnahabhain

A long day visiting woods at Ballygrant in the morning, up to Loch Finlaggan for lunch then an afternoon wandering along the coast at Bunnahabhain. Near cloudless skies, murky haze and blazing sun all day long again.

Ballygrant and Bunnahabhain

It doesn't look much but we were very pleased to spot a Grasshopper Warbler. If it didn't have such a distinctive song we would never have known it was lurking in the long grasses on the back roads. Quite a few were singing near the high road (B8016) and turn for Cluanach.

Grasshopper Warbler

Bluebells in Ballygrant Woods

Thick moss on tree trunks



Meadow Pipit
We went up to Loch Finlaggan but didn't stop for long, it's mostly of interest for its history. We carried on up the road a little and had lunch looking over the fields below where a male Hen Harrier glided past briefly. Still no good photos but we keep seeing them so fingers crossed.

Male Hen Harrier
Up to Bunnahabhain for a scramble round some of the rocks and a walk along the stony shore. Lots of Oystercatchers making a racket as usual. There was a lot of haze (as there has been all week) making the Paps a bit washed out.

Paps of Jura

Paps of Jura

Paps of Jura
A Ringed Plover tried leading me away from what I assume was its nest, always keeping me at a fixed distance.

Ringed Plover
I got a garbled message on my walkie-talkie from Gill. Eventually I realised she was telling me an Otter was behind me!


Seaweed on the rocks

Common Seals and Shag

A juvenile Great Northern Diver was fishing just off the beach as we were heading back. Managed to get a lot closer than usual. It ate at least two crabs.

Great Northern Diver

Great Northern Diver

Great Northern Diver eating a crab (it went down in one)

Gill on the beach

Brown Hare


Male Wheatear

Man as big as Mountain

Herring Gull


Not asleep, photographing Seals, honest

Great Northern Diver


Paps of Jura from the bridge near Bunnahabhain distillery

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