Sunday, 15 August 2010

Dee Estuary - Inner Marsh Farm RSPB - 15.8.10

Today we fancied a birding trip.  Having not visited Inner Marsh Farm before (quite an oversight as it's very nearby), we decided to go there to see what was around.

We arrived in one piece and after a slight detour having turned off at the wrong exit we found the reserve.  There was a guided walk there this morning so it was very busy.  We ambled in the direction of the hide but found more insect interest in the hedgerows than birds in the sky.

We saw a Red Admiral Butterfly, Peacocks, Gatekeepers, Comma, various Whites.  Also a dragonfly zooming around like a Spitfire!  Also lots of ladybirds and hoverlfies (very good year for ladybirds, I think). The hide was packed so we decided to come back after lunch.  On the way back there was talk of a Lesser Yellowlegs having been spotted.  I was shown it through someone else's scope, but because of the distance I had to take their word for it - it just looked like a Greenshank to me, but apparently that is what they look like, apart from having yellow legs!

We went back to the hide again after lunch and stayed for a little while, but apart from some Black Tailed Godwits and a Little Egret (which very considerately flew in and landed out of site!) there wasn't a great deal to be seen other than the usual Teal and Lapwings. A flock of Goldfinch was picking at the extensive thistle fields.

After wandering slowly back we stopped at the bench for a water break.  There were three grasshoppers performing Duelling Chirrups and then out popped a little Common Toad, and very quickly popped back into the undergrowth as I think even he found it a bit too hot today.  Still, I suppose it's August and we shouldn't complain, however, I'm one who's not keen on the heat and much prefer the autumn.  We travelled back along the M53 with lots of others who had probably all been for the day out in North Wales.

Definitely a place to visit again, if only for the numerous butterflies.

Red Admiral Butterfly
Peacock Butterfly
Common Field Grasshopper
Yellow flower with flies
Moth on thistle
Black and white Fly

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