Sunday, 8 August 2010

A Walk in Delamere Forest - 8.8.10

Today we went for a walk round Delamere Forest, starting at Gresty's Waste Car Park (a charmingly named location - must research why it is so named). The day promised dry but overcast weather and held true to it's promise. It was still very humid, however, but we managed to find a spot with a bit of a breeze for lunch.

Our walk took us through mainly forest to begin with where we were quick to sight a grey squirrel and a couple of GS Woodpeckers darting between the trees. We also heard (but never saw) a Nuthatch and another bird to be identified - small bird in very large collection of trees does not bode well if you don't recognise the song! I think we should have had Chris Packham with us on the walk to help us, however, I have a feeling he would have been distracted with the amount and variety of canine sightings to be had! There were a couple of very cute Yorkshire Terriers and when I suggested (jokingly) to John that we might get one, he said "No - you'd only train it to sit on your knee and bark at me!!") After a veritable gormet feast at lunchtime (M&S scotch eggs with cheese and tomato sandwiches with which no walk would be complete without) we continued past a field where lots of riders were exercising their ponies. Earlier in the day we had seen some Alpacas and a couple of donkeys in a field - the Alpacas were doing a good job of keeping the hedges well manicured - I wonder if they'd ever eat their way out of there!

We rounded off the day with a quick trip to Lady Hayes craft shop (a must on the way back from a Delamere walk).
Bumble Bee (White-tailed?)

Common Wasp
Hover-Fly (maybe Drone-Fly)
Hover-Fly (Volucella pellucens)
A small section of the path is closed due to subsidence.

A culinary delight

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