Saturday, 17 May 2014

Martin Mere

Stretching the legs around Martin Mere. Ferociously bright sun with cloudless skies. Not good for the photos but we saw some interesting stuff and got to test the new polarising filter for the 500mm lens. Conclusion: can make a big difference but not sure if I like it.

Barn Swallows

A Sedge Warbler was very busy singing from the top of a clump of reeds. Very reliable and entertaining from the comfort of the hide, but it never came any closer, so heavy crops to get a decent size in the photo.

Sedge Warbler

Red-legged Pheasant

Juvenile Moorhen being fed in the ditch

Grey Heron

Sedge Warbler

Birds were frequently seen trying to fly off with sticks that were far too large, and big clumps of nesting material in general.

Black-headed Gull with enormous stick

Female Blackcap

Moorhen feeding juveniles

Black-headed Gull (polariser shot)

Sleepy Mallard

Shelduck (polariser shot)

Male Great Spotted Woodpecker

Sedge Warbler

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