Saturday, 24 May 2014


A sample of the best shots or most interesting creatures we've encountered. We'll update this as more shots are finished but more details will come later for each day.

Large Red Damselfly

Red Admiral


Male Marsh Harrier

Female Marsh Harrier


Male Whitethroat

Female Whitethroat

Barn Swallow



Four-spot Chaser Dragonfly (?)

Fledgling Wren

Daddy-long-legs Spider

Adult and Fledgling Wren


"Big Bird" the Bittern attacking a Marsh Harrier

Michaela and Chris rehearsing Springwatch

Blue Tit bringing food to the cone-nest

Spring cleaning


Grey Heron

More Bittern and Marsh Harrier feuding

Red Deer by Bittern Hide


Barn Owl with food (vole we think)

Barn Owl flying round the barn

Herring Gull perched on wreck by Orford Ness

Bittern stretching

Bittern fluffing up



One of numerous Rabbits

Michaela Strachan (she smiled for me!) (JB, not GH!)

Very brief Otter sighting from Island Mere

Flying Bittern

Flying Bittern

Young Rabbit by car park

Waiting for the bird that never comes

Nemophora degeerella (Longhorn Moth)

Nemophora degeerella (Longhorn moth)

Chrysops relictus (horsefly)

Chrysops relictus (horsefly)

Tabanus bromius (horsefly)

Cranefly of some sort

Hobby eating a dragonfly

Clump of Common Blue Butterflies

Male Great Spotted Woodpecker feeding juvenile

Marsh Harrier food pass

Male Marsh Harrier

Male Marsh Harrier with prey (chick of some sort)

Food pass of chick to female Marsh Harrier

There is a Stone Curlew in this shot, honest (between the black and red posts)

Flying Bittern

Flying Bittern

Lesser Black-backed Gull being mobbed by Black-headed Gull

Lesser Black-backed Gull being mobbed by Black-headed Gull

Family of Greylag Geese strolling across the scrape

Audrey the Avocet with eggs

Otter catching enormous Eel on the scrape

Flying Little Egret

Hobby nibbling something

Hobby carrying insect

Bittern fluffed up

Bittern taking flight

Bittern taking flight

Bittern flying

Female Red Deer swimming through stream between reed beds

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