Sunday, 4 October 2015

Hog Low Pike

An entirely new route for us, up near Haslingden (a few miles south of Accrington, but who are they? Exactly!) Taking in some of the Rossendale Way and Hog Low Pike. It's called a pike, but it's not much more than a pimple on the moors.

Even though it's been quite dry, many parts were extremely sodden and muddy, and some of it was more like a ploughed field than a path. A route only to be taken in extreme drought conditions.

The instructions in the book were also useless and some of the footpaths we tried to take have 'mysteriously' disappeared near farms. Only met two couples on the way round, they were both lost as well.

Hog Low Pike elevation

Hog Low Pike route
Trying out our new Sigma 35mm f1.4 lens, but the weather was extremely dull, misty and hazy until lunchtime.

Rossendale Way

Ruined house



More ruined buildings

Rossendale Way sign in forest

Fog on spider web

Stream in forest

Another nice sign at the turning for Hog Low Pike

Mix of moss, heather and ferns in some more ruins
 While being lost a newt suddenly appeared on a stone. Very small, about an inch, and I had the wrong lens on so the photo doesn't show much. May be Smooth or Palmate Newt.
World's worst photo of a newt (it got better)

Isolated Trees

Calf Hey Reservoir

Pumping gear by Calf Hey

Gill nearing the end of the walk

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