Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Carsaig and Grasspoint

Over to Pennyghael where we were told there were hares but we found very little (that we could get close to, anyway). We drove over to Carsaig Bay, past the phone box by the waterfall as used in the film I Know Where I'm Going. The sun was out for once, and as usual it was intensely bright and in the wrong direction. After sweltering in the sun shine for a while by the old ferry pier and watching the seals watching us, we headed back, taking in Grasspoint. On the way, while trying to get a Kestrel we were interviewed and photographed by a highly inquisitive french woman.

It was very quiet, still with the bright sunshine. A cuckoo was seen in some of the open grassland, singing in a tree. On the way back we got stuck behind some cows on the road, spent a few minutes trying to photograph a flying bat (why do we do this to ourselves?) and saw a quartering Short-eared Owl.

Seal nose at Carsaig Bay

Hooded Crow


Red Deer

Red Deer


Short-eared Owl

Sun with halo

Summoning Batman!

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