Thursday, 25 April 2013

South East Coast

A wander around various beaches and back roads near the cottage. We finally saw the local cuckoo on the way out but it wasn't being very helpful, hiding in trees that we couldn't get close to (fences everywhere). Nothing much about at all, other than helicopters ferrying fish. Spent a few hours in the afternoon under a hide trying to get a better view and shot of the Short-eared Owl. Did it ever show? Guess.
We were surprised to see a male Hen Harrier near Gorten, it was flying low, then disappeared never to reappear. I wish I knew how they did that.
Not very happy with our output today.



Helicopter moving fish from sea to loch

World's worst photo of a Hen Harrier... Ever!

Gill enticing owls with delicious Date Crunch (even that didn't work)

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