Wednesday, 3 June 2015


Down to the south of Pembrokeshire, near Marloes Mere. Following the path around the coast near Gatesholm and Skomer Islands. Not much on the Mere, but plenty of insects in the hedgerows along the way.

Marloes route

Broad-bodied Chaser


Sedge Warbler

Sedge Warbler

Lackey Moth Caterpillars 

Wall Brown butterfly

Out on the cliffs we saw a pair of Coughs, regularly flying along the cliffs. Couldn't get any close shots, though.


Some Fulmars were nesting on the cliffs. Adults were regularly soaring in, but still too fast to get good shots, plus we were always above them (no way to get down the cliffs). Very frustrating but another life tick for us.





Gill trying to get an angle on the Fulmars, but beaten by the relentless sun

Waiting for the Chough that never comes

A little bay where the Skomer ferry works from. Here letting off a full load (it's like the Tardis).

Skomer ferry

Cliffs near Rainy Rock

Cliffs near Deadman's Bay


Back to the car (after much sweating under the beating Sun; A cloud, a cloud, my kingdom for a cloud!) to find it had now also been covered in grass trimmings. Poor car has never been so filthy!

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