Monday, 8 June 2015

Strumble Head

After a lazy weekend (dragging big cameras all over Pembrokeshire is tiring!) we head quite a long way north-east to Stumble Head. There is an unmanned lighthouse (as used in the EE advert with Kevin Bacon; which is a sham, there is no lighthouse keeper there and the mobile phone reception is rubbish), on a small island next to it. Nesting birds are on an even smaller island, neither of which are accessible.

Saw Chough again, failed to get a good photo again. Also Fulmars and various gulls. Struggled to see much as usual but some nice views from a rocky perch at lunchtime. Gill saw a lizard (most likely Common Lizard) briefly before it scurried away.

Strumble Head route


Grey Seal

Spot The Gill


Ahh, a nice sit down (any chance of a cup of tea and biscuit?)

Orchid (possibly heath or common spotted-orchid)

If there are no birds, just enjoy the scenery

Strumble Head Lighthouse 

Painted Lady

Painted Lady

Strumble Head Lighthouse

Pesky Chough again

Adonis Blue Butterfly

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