Friday, 5 June 2015

Ramsey Island Part 2, Caerfai Bay

A second visit to Ramsey Island. This time going around it on a boat. The weather had taken a turn for the worse, with choppy waves, heavy cloud and drizzle. If only we could have gone the previous afternoon!

Finally got to see lots of the cliff-nesting birds, sometimes at eye-level, and lots of Razorbills flying to and fro, floating on the sea. Regularly saw Grey Seals having a nose, and a pair of Choughs again.

Ramsey Island boat route

Boat was rockin' so we just sprayed-and-prayed with the cameras.

Rush hour in Pembrokeshire

Bloody-nosed Beetle, saw these everywhere

Juvenile Cormorant


Pair of Guillemot

Kittiwakes on nests


Curious Grey Seal

Colony of Guillemot



Pair of Chough

With an afternoon left to soak up, we went round to Caerfai Bay, starting at Caer Bwdy Bay, to see what we could see. Very rocky shoreline, covered in weeds. The tide was slowly coming back in. Lots of gulls flying past the cliffs. Very lush, green vegetation covered in caterpillars but way too hot under the sun again. We came across a thick clump of Oxeye Daisies on the way back.

Caerfai Bay route

Lush vegetation leading to rocky Caer Bwdy Bay

Waiting for birds, but tide's coming in

Photographing rocks, it's something to do

Lots of weed in Caer Bwdy Bay

Lots of purple rocks in Caer Bwdy Bay


Herring Gull on rock

Waves on rocks

Linnet on Foxglove

Oxeye Daisies

Oxeye Daisies

Buckled rock formations forming an arch

Herring Gull

Juvenile Gull

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