Thursday, 4 June 2015

Ramsey Island

Time to brave the mighty Atlantic and take the 5 minute ferry over to Ramsey Island. Bright blue skies again, very hot under the sun. We had booked a tour around the island on a boat after the island, but they decided they had better things to do, so it was postponed to the next day.

Lots more walking than I had expected, and a lot less birds, hardly anything visible from the Island itself. More Choughs but still no luck getting good shots. Some cliff-nesting birds visible from the paths. Nice views from the south of the island, looking out to Ynys Bery and lots of wildflowers everywhere (should have left the big lenses behind and stuck to flowers).

Ramsey Island elevation

Ramsey Island route

Lots of Thrift

Thrift and Birds-foot Trefoil (yellow flowers)

South of the Island

South of the Island

Old RNLI boat house

Ramsey Island Chicken

View across Ramsey Island

View to the north of the island

I've got this lump of lead with me, might as well use it to photograph flowers

And relax


The "Tin Bath"

Those pesky Choughs again


Island tours

Flotilla of Razorbills


Everpresent Grey Seal

Thrift and Bird's-foot Trefoil

Guillemots on the cliffs

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